Ranking of Scientific Management Journals 2022

26 January 2023

In partnership with its Management Science Board, the FNEGE publishes a ranking of management science journals every three years. The previous ranking was done in 2019 and the next update will take place in 2025.

The list of journals in the FNEGE ranking is supported by the 24 associations which are members of the FNEGE Management Science Board: AAIG, ADERSE, AEI, AFC, AFFI, AFM, AFMAT, AGeCSO, AGRH, AHMO, AIM, AIMS, AIREPME, AIRL-SCM, AIRMAP, ARAMOS, ARIHME, ATLAS-AFMI, GEM&L, IAS, I.P&M, RIODD, SFM, SPSG.

This ranking aims to serve as a reference for researchers, laboratories, all management education and research institutions, as well as for evaluation organizations.

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