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FNEGE Certification and Prize for Best Teaching Methods in the Digital Age

Remote teaching methods are multiplying in various formats: fully online courses, MOOCs, Serious Games, and approaches that combine online content (synchronous or asynchronous) with in-person classes. While this type of teaching does not pretend to replace face-to-face interactions with learners and students, it does bring a pedagogical point of view, undeniable progress and simultaneously requires a significant investment of time by professors as well as logistical and financial support from schools. Consequently, in 2019 the FNEGE created a Certification Board for teaching methods in the digital age.

Certification objectives

  • Recognize the efforts made by professors to mobilize digital technologies, closely linking research and teaching
  • Share good teaching experiences among the entire business school community
  • Acknowledge the added value of Management Science professors


Recognize the best contributions in this field:

  • by certifying teaching methods and tools that have a digital component
  • by awarding the AUNEGe FNEGE Prize for the Best Teaching Methods in the Digital Age

Certification jury

A jury meets every year to examine the dossiers submitted for certification. The jury is composed of professors and researchers in Management Science. It is currently chaired by Lydiane Nabec, professor at Paris-Saclay University.

Every year, the teaching methods and tools that are certified by the Foundation are automatically included in the running for the Prize for Best Teaching Methods

Jury members:

  • Imed Boughzala, IMT Business School
  • Christophe Fournier, AUNEGe
  • Alain Goudey, Neoma Business School
  • Lydiane Nabec, Paris-Saclay University, Chair of the Committee
  • Lucie Paquy, CCI Paris Ile de France
  • Estefania Santacreu-Vasut, ESSEC Business School
  • Aline Scouarnec, IAE Caen
  • Stéphane Trébucq, IAE Bordeaux

Apply to FNEGE label for your Teaching Method

FNEGE Publications

Procedure for FNEGE certification of Teaching Methods

For 2023 (5th installment), FNEGE certification concerns teaching methods that were first implemented between 2019 and 2022.

Certification criteria:

In deciding whether to award the FNEGE certification, the Committee evaluates pedagogical added value, defined as the capacity of the teaching method to achieve its pedagogical objectives.

The criteria are as follows:

  • Innovation, in comparison with existing practices.
  • Rigor and quality of content, in keeping with the most advanced knowledge in the field.
  • Relevance of the technology and media used to achieve pedagogical objectives.
  • Capacity to be deployed on a large scale and to be transferred to other contexts and other publics.
  • Participation of one or several permanent Management Science professors.
  • Impact, either potential or already achieved.

The dossier must therefore include all the information that the Certification Committee will need to evaluate the above criteria, and in particular:

  • A simple and clear description of the teaching method (learning objectives, content, learner’s pathway, evaluation methods).
  • Access to written content and videos.
  • Student assessments of the teaching methods at the end of the course (student course evaluations, qualitative data from interviews, etc.).
  • Information on the effectiveness of teaching and learning, especially in comparison with fully in-person teaching: performance on exams, quality of projects or group work, etc.
  • Proof of innovativeness.
  • Evaluation by students of the teaching method (satisfaction, joy of learning, contributions to learning, limitations, etc.).


  • 31 March 2023: submission deadline
    May 2023: Jury deliberations
  • 1st June 2023: Awards ceremony for AUNEGe FNEGE Prize
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AUNEGe FNEGE Prize for the Best Teaching Methods in the digital age

With the support of the Certification Board for Teaching Methods in the digital age (see above) and in  collaboration with the AUNEGe (French association for the development of digital teaching in economics and business administration), the FNEGE organizes the AUNEGe FNEGE Prize for the best teaching methods.

This prize only concerns teaching methods that have been certified by the FNEGE.

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