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FNEGE Book Certification Committee and Prize for Best Management book

Book Certification Committee

The purpose of the FNEGE Book Certification Committee is to recognize management books (only in French), to distinguish those that are anchored in and make a contribution to management research and to showcase the publication of books in addition to academic articles.

This Committee has set up a book evaluation system that can be used by evaluation bodies (of researchers and teams). It covers all the management disciplines: marketing, finance, accounting/management control, human resource management, strategic management, information technology, entrepreneurship, logistics, etc.

The Committee is organized in partnership with French management science associations, which contribute to book evaluation by designating two internal evaluators.

The independent jury is composed of around ten professor/researchers from universities and Grandes Ecoles who are specialized in different fields of management (see list of jury members). It is chaired by Isabelle Martinez, professor at Toulouse School of Management.

The Book Certification Committee confers its distinction on management books in five categories:

  • Collective research work
  • Non-collective research work
  • Essay
  • University textbook
  • CSR

Every year, the books that have been thus recognized by the Foundation are automatically included in the running for the Best Management Book Prize.

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FNEGE Publications

Eligible books

For 2023, the FNEGE book certification will include five categories:

  • Collective research book
  • Non-collective research book
  • Essay
  • University textbook
  • CSR

Only the following types of books will be considered:

  • Books published in 2022
  • Books written in French, excluding translations of books originally published in English or any other language
  • New editions of books that have never received a FNEGE book award for a previous edition (see list of book awards)
  • Books that have been authored, co-authored (or edited) by at least one author from the field of management science or whose subject is also anchored in this discipline

Members of the jury

Isabelle MARTINEZ, Professeure à Toulouse School of Management

Other jury members

  • Isabelle MARTINEZ, Professor at Toulouse School of Management
  • Franck AGGERI, Professor at CGS Mines Paris Tech
  • Stéphanie CHATELAIN-PONROY, Professor at CNAM
  • Jean-Luc HERRMANN, Professor at University of Lorraine
  • Dominique MARTIN, Professor at IGR-IAE Rennes
  • Karim MESSEGHEM, Professor at University of Montpellier
  • Florent NOEL, Professor at IAE Paris
  • Véronique PERRET, Professor at Paris-Dauphine University
  • Marie PFIFFELMANN, Professor at EM Strasbourg
  • Bernard PRAS, Professor at Paris-Dauphine University and ESSEC
  • Jacques THEVENOT, Professor at ICN Nancy
EFMD Global
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Prix EFMD FNEGE des Ouvrages de Management

With the support of the FNEGE Book Certification Committee and in collaboration with the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development), the FNEGE administers the EFMD FNEGE Prize for the best management books.

This certification is organized in partnership with the French management science associations that are members of the FNEGE Management Science Board.

The EFMD-FNEGE Prize may only be conferred on books that have already been awarded a distinction by the FNEGE Book Certification Committee (see procedure above). It therefore concerns the following five categories of books:

  • Collective research work
  • Non-collective research work
  • Essay
  • University textbook
  • CSR

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