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Case study prize – CCMP FNEGE Prize

The FNEGE, in collaboration with its Management Science Board and the CCMP (French case study and teaching media depository) wishes to encourage the production of case studies that highlight the relationship between research and the production of educational media.

The purpose is to show that research work also plays a role in the production of teaching content and that the two activities can and must mutually enrich each other.

The FNEGE and the CCMP wish then to confer a prize that recognizes a case study that has been developed out of a research project.

This prize adds to the existing system created by the CCMP to reward the case studies that were best received during their year of publication.

See which case studies have been awarded prizes.

How to apply ?

Candidates for the CCMP FNEGE Prize must complete the online application and submit their case study (together with any other documentation to be taken into consideration: research project, teaching guide, company authorization, etc.).

All documents submitted must be anonymized except the online application.

Date to remember

  • 31 March 2023: submission deadline

  • April 2023: Jury deliberations

  • 1st June 2023: Awards ceremony

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