FNEGE Business Club

The FNEGE Business Club brings together companies and organizations that are interested in management science teaching and research in France.

The FNEGE Business Club is a think tank for management teaching and research. It constitutes a place for discussion and cooperation between the business world and the academic world.

The aim of the Club is to:

  • Bring the academic and professional worlds closer together
  • Leverage French management research to boost innovation for companies


Benefits of being a member of the FNEGE Business Club:

  • Staying up to date with the latest trends in French research on business administration and management science by receiving FNEGE publications and news.
  • Finding specialists and guest speakers in the field of management (marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, CSR, etc.) for conferences, training programs, presentations in companies.
  • Co-constructing specific projects on current managerial issues (employer’s brand, diversity, new forms of working, impacts, etc.).
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Members of the FNEGE Business Club

BPI France – Le Lab
BNP Paribas

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