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Non-degree continuing education in management in the digital age

Type : Études
Année de publication : 2023
Prix : 140 €
Auteur(s) : NOEL Florent, VIALA Pascale

by Florent NOEL, Professor at IAE Paris Sorbonne Business School and Pascale VIALA, Vice-Dean & Director of the Corporate Office, SKEMA Business School
Translated from the French by Andrew BERESFORD

The field of continuing education in business management is booming. The offering of technological solutions is exploding and the demand for short and flexible courses is growing quickly. Many questions are being raised about the future of long degree programmes. Many questions, perhaps many fantasies, definitely many uncertainties. Is the traditional in-person, experience-based model of business schools that award degrees and certificates under threat? Are business schools keeping pace with market needs?

This FNEGE study endeavours to shine a light on this debate, allowing everyone to see where they stand. The study is made up of three parts: the first covers
the transformations in the continuing education sector, the second explores the continuing education strategies of companies, and the third presents the results of a study carried out among FNEGE member schools, with the emphasis on non-degree continuing education courses. This brings us, in the conclusion, to put forward several recommendations for schools that wish to strengthen their non-degree continuing education activities as an area for strategic development.

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