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“Managing Cultural Festivals. Tradition and Innovation in Europe”, Book by Routledge Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries series

“Managing Cultural Festivals. Tradition and Innovation in Europe” Book by Routledge Research in the Creative and Cultural Industries series Editors: Elisa SALVADOR, Professor (PhD, HDR) of Innovation and Creativity at ESSCA School of Management, France, Jesper STRANDGAARD PEDERSEN, Professor of Organization Studies at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. Book description: “This book aims at renewing the attention on a niche field, Cultural Festivals, so important for valorizing cultural traditions and local heritage visibility as well as social well-being. Following the disruptive consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, this fragile sector deserves more attention from public authorities and stakeholders at national and European levels with a suitable and dedicated plan of recovery and valorization. This book provides a comparative analysis of Cultural Festivals in Europe, taking insights from an international range of high-level scholarly contributors. Individual chapters highlight and analyse challenges around the organisation, management and economics of Cultural Festivals. As a whole, the book provides a comprehensive overview of scholarly research in this area, setting the scene for the future research agenda. Matters related to educational programs and new audience development, as well as challenges related to digitalization, are also included. The book employs a tradition versus innovation lens to help readers account for the consequences of the digital revolution, new audience development and an educational agenda. The result is a book which will be valuable reading for researchers, academics and students in the fields of event and cultural management and beyond”. Chapter 9 “(The Economics of) Cultural Festivals in the Digital Age: An Analysis of the Comics Publishing Industry” by Prof. Elisa SALVADOR, Elena CASTRO-MARTÍNEZ, and Pierre-Jean BENGHOZI, includes an analysis of the Comics Festival in Angers, France. This chapter is available for free in PDF format as Open Access, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. You can find it here: The Preview, the Table of Contents, the list of contributors and additional information are available on the Internet page of the Book here: Managing Cultural Festivals: Tradition and Innovation in Europe – 1st ( For further information, please contact Prof Elisa SALVADOR (PhD, HDR) from ESSCA School of Management,

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14 février 2022
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