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Marketing, Vente et Communication

Date : 11/04/2024

Permanent professors in the fields of Marketing and Management

BBA Bordeaux
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Présentation de l'établissement :

The School:

The BBA INSEEC is part of the Omnes Education Group. The program holds triple recognition through its degree accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, its RNCP Level 6 title issued by the Ministry of Labor, and the international format of the degree (BAC+4), which aligns with the Anglo-Saxon system of education.

The BBA INSEEC develops research that aligns with business expectations and serves the continuous improvement of teaching quality and relevance. Its scientific axes enhance the impact of faculty research and intellectual contributions on pedagogy and teaching content, with a strategy fundamentally focused on business needs and addressing key societal issues such as:

  • Societal transitions : exploring emerging behaviors and business practices
  • Sustainable ecosystems: assessing gouvernance, risk management, and value creation.
  • From Business Anchoring to Resilient Territories: Pathways for Sustainable Local Development

The recruited individual will benefit from the support of the INSEEC Grande Ecole research center and teaching teams. Research and Faculty interact with the accredited schools of the Omnes Education Group.

OMNES Education defines itself as a private higher education institution in France and internationally. Year after year, its development has made it a major European player in Higher Education and Research. Its mission is to guarantee its students/learners a demanding and high-quality training experience, enabling them to acquire skills and innovative capacities for professional integration and career development that meet their expectations and projects in a globalized environment undergoing multiple transitions.

The ambition to develop the scientific and intellectual production of OMNES EDUCATION is based on five key principles: openness and interdisciplinarity, foresight and adaptability, innovation in pedagogical and learner experience, meaning and commitment, and attentiveness to the world and to each individual.

The four accredited schools of the Omnes group, specializing in management and digital and technological engineering, unite their research and support for the professional development of Faculty members within the Omnes Education Research Center.

Joining the BBA INSEEC thus offers the opportunity to benefit not only from the natural support of the institution but also from assistance in developing original projects. These might combine digital skills with management expertise, involve in the formulation and submission of European or ANR projects, build Chairs with companies for impactful research, valorize intellectual contributions in major media, and develop case studies or pedagogical innovations, in collaboration with the group’s Program Management.

A Research and a Faculty in interaction with the accredited Schools of the Omnes Education
Group OMNES Education is a private higher education institution with a presence in France and internationally. Progressively, it has grown to be a significant European entity in Higher Education and Research. Its core mission is to provide its students with a rigorous and quality educational experience, equipping them with the necessary skills and innovative abilities for professional advancement and career growth, aligned with their aspirations and projects in a globally dynamic and evolving environment.

OMNES EDUCATION’s strategy for advancing scientific and intellectual output is anchored in five key principles: openness and interdisciplinarity, forward-thinking and adaptability, educational and experiential innovation, purpose and commitment, along with a global perspective and individualized attention.

The group’s four accredited schools, specializing in management, digital, and technological engineering, collaborate in research and professional development support for faculty members through the Omnes Education Research Center & Faculty.

Enrolling in the INSEEC grande Ecole program offers more than just the institutional support; it includes guidance in creating unique projects that, for example, merge digital skills with management expertise. This encompasses developing and submitting European or ANR projects, establishing partnerships with corporations for impactful research, promoting intellectual contributions in leading media outlets, and designing case studies or digital and other educational innovations in collaboration with the group’s Program Directorate.

Pedagogical expectations

Candidates must demonstrate expertise and interest in educational engagement and innovation. This includes consistently updating course content and enriching the student learning experience from the first to the fourth year of the Bachelor’s program, incorporating online courses, Masterclasses, blended learning, design thinking, and digital learning methods.

The selected candidate will be expected to deliver high-quality teaching on topics related to their research area, potentially in collaboration with other members of the department they will join.

Additionally, candidates must prove their proficiency in meeting today’s minimum professional standards for digital tools, such as providing syllabi and using digital platforms for teaching.

Finally, the ability to teach in English is a requisite.

Scientific expectations

Independently of the scientific quality of his/her application, the candidate must demonstrate an interest in undertaking impactful research, setting up and managing collective research projects (company chairs, European projects, funded projects, etc.), and publish in wellrecognized academic journals (FNEGE and ABS rankings). With significant experience, he/she must hold a PhD and/or corresponding postgraduate degree.

The potential candidate should demonstrated how his/her work wits with the scientific axes of the Research Center (see above).

Description du poste :

The BBA INSEEC is recruiting for its Bordeaux campus permanent professors in the fields of Marketing and Management working on themes in line with at least one of the following four societal challenges :

  • Climate Change,
  • Mastery of Technological and Digital Transformations,
  • Inclusion and Social Justice,
  • Long-Term Economic Viability of Sustainable and/or Digitalized Ecosystems.

The proposed contract is a permanent position (CDI), and the recruitment will be effective starting from June 1, 2024.

Working address: HANGAR, 18 Quai de Bacalan, 33000 Bordeaux

Profil recherché / Compétences requises

Priority will be given to candidates meeting the following requirements:

  • Doctorate / PhD , HDR
  • Demonstration of the ability to publish in highly ranked academic journals related to the field of research (FNEGE and ABS list),
  • Demonstration of excellence in teaching at various levels (bachelor and/or master),
  • Demonstrate ability to integrate and collaborate with a dynamic research team within the School and with colleagues at other accredited Omnes Education Research Center & Faculty institutions.

Documents à transmettre

The application must contain:

  • A letter of motivation,
  • An updated and detailed cv with the rankings (FNEGE and ABS) of published articles and
    a presentation of work in progress in the targeted journals. Also, the candidate should
    demonstrate good teaching abilities. Previous academic responsibilities and experience with companies are considered as valuable qualities.
  • A letter of recommendation.

The application materials must be sent electronically to ABDELJEBAR Yasmina (Administration Research Center;

The proposed salary and working conditions will be in accordance with the qualifications and experience of the candidate. Beyond this remuneration, bonuses may be granted for scientific publications, other intellectual contributions, pedagogical innovations, administrative responsibilities, in accordance with the Charter of Omnes Education Research Center & Faculty.

For further information about these positions, please contact ANDERSON Elodie ( ) for the pedagogical part and Hachmi BEN AMEUR, ( for the Research part.
The candidates called to continue the recruitment process would be personally informed by the School’s management of the subsequent procedure to be followed.

Contact :

For further information about these positions, please contact ANDERSON Elodie ( ) for the pedagogical part and Hachmi BEN AMEUR, ( for the Research part.

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