TASK™ Launch – Launching a Global TASKForce to Transform Education

03 March 2023

Sulitest launched TASK™ – The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge – a radical new online certificate with the ambition to transform education by setting the international standard of sustainability knowledge for every young person to succeed.

Our vision is of a generation of thriving change-makers that are informed, committed and empowered to make a meaningful and lasting impact in an
increasingly volatile and complex world. For that, we need to make sustainability a common language.

Today’s education is not keeping up with the fast-changing world with students graduating ill-equipped to thrive and succeed. TASK™ will change this. To build an economic and environmentally sustainable future, it is critical that we improve everyone’s sustainability knowledge, skills, and mindset. While society needs experts who can solve specific problems in their field, we need to mainstream sustainability literacy, to ensure that everyone has a sufficient understanding of it and can integrate it into their personal and professional practices and decisions.

Universities and colleges across the world are committing to teaching more about sustainability, and with TASK™ they will have on hand the insights and metrics to steer their strategy, to ensure progress and fulfill the vision of a world where every graduate is a sustainability change agent. Soon graduates will leave university with the evidence to show employers their sustainability knowledge and that they are ready for sustainability success.

Sulitest has the goal of reaching 100 universities using TASK™ in 2023. The movement is already established in France and now expanding globally, with more than 20 institutions committed to being “Change Leaders”. Will your institution be the next?
Today we call every student, university and college to join the TASKForce!


Contact information
Estela Castelli Florino Pilz, Account Manager at Sulitest –
Pierre Schulz, Account Manager at Sulitest – (for Frenchspeaking contacts)


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